Our group is conducting theoretical research on various properties of quantum materials. The aim of our research is to understand their microscopic mechanism on the basis of quantum mechanics and statistical physics. In particular, we are interested in phase transitions and related quantum phenomena where electron correlations play an essential role. Through material-oriented research, we strive to deepen systematic and comprehensive understanding of the diverse phenomena and promote materials design and predictions of new quantum properties.
Materials science in strongly correlated systems:
toward understanding and exploration of novel quantum phenomena
Main targets
  • Materials: Strongly-correlated electron systems (transition metal compounds, rare-earth compounds, organic conductors, ...), Surfaces/Interfaces, Nano structures, ...
  • Phenomena: Electron correlation, Metal-insulator transition, Magnetism, Critical phenomena, Charge-spin-orbital degrees of freedom, Geometrical frustration, Spin liquid, Topology, Self-organization, Dynamics, ...
Main topics
  • A variety of phenomena by the interplay among charge, spin, and orbital degrees of freedom
  • Novel quantum phenomena caused by cooperation of electron correlation and spin-orbit coupling
  • Peculiar properties brought by frustration and topology
  • High-order correlations under strong fluctuations, and their new excitations and dynamics
  • New phenomena in surfaces/interfaces, disorder, and nano-scale structures
  • Development and improvement of computational algorithms, etc.
Department of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo, Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656, JAPAN

Our offices are on the 2nd floor in Faculty of Engineering Bldg 6 in Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo.