Material science in strongly correlated systems:
toward understanding and exploration of novel quantum phenomena
We are mainly interested in strongly correlated electron systems, such as transition metal compounds, rare-earth compounds, and organic conductors. We study various properties of these materials and their microscopic origin by using computational approaches supplemented by analytical methods.

Multiple-degrees of Freedom in Electrons

  • interplay among spin, orbital and lattice degrees of freedom
  • cooperation between electron correlation and spin-orbit coupling
  • phase competition, colossal effect
  • self-organization

Geometrically Frustrated Systems

  • complicated magnetic ordering, spin glass, and spin liquid
  • metal-insulator transition
  • charge ordering, charge frustration
  • novel phase transitions, novel transport

Surface/Interface, Randomness

  • surface state
  • inhomogenious states, phase separation
  • nano-scale physics
  • non-linear response

Computational Algorithm

  • order-N polynomial-expansion Monte Carlo method
  • quantum Monte Carlo method
  • Langevin dynamics
  • extension of dynamical mean-field theory